About the DBL Services Agreement

The DBL Services Agreement (SA) is a document which outlines the digital asset management services and obligations which the DBL system extends to a participating organization, as well as outlining the conditions and obligations under which the organization may continue to use the system.

Use of DBL for storage, maintenance, or licensed access to digital assets, by any organization, is based upon acceptance of the DBL SA. This agreement itself does not describe or authorize any release of any assets from DBL to any other organization. It simply defines the services which DBL provides, and the conditions under which organizations may continue to use the system. Specific agreements to release specific assets from the DBL are called ‘license agreements’ and are managed and executed exclusively by the asset owning organization (or their appointed delegate).

Acceptance of the DBL SA alone is sufficient for an organization to use the DBL system for “archival only” purposes, as it does not imply or refer to any release of assets.

A copy of the DBL SA signed by an organization may be viewed at any time within the organization’s management dashboard.

Signing the Agreement

A description of steps required for an organization’s director to sign the SA are provided in the help for Adding New Organizations.