Publishers (LCH)

As in the non-virtual word a ‘Library Card Holder’ receives permission to use the assets stored in the library for specific purposes and under certain conditions. These permissions and conditions are spelled out in a license agreement the Publisher signs with the IP Contributor. This licensing agreement process is facilitated digitally through the DBL.

An LCH is therefore primarily a recipient of the assets stored in the DBL, but not exclusively. The DBL is able to accommodate agencies in multiple roles, and it is possible for an LCH to also be an asset contributor (IPC).

When a User associated with an LCH logs in to the DBL GUI, he/she has access to to the four common menu items on the menu bar at the top of the screen: Home, Text, Audio and Admin. The Home section does not require a log in, nor do the Text and Audio Sections. However, non-registered Users are allowed to Search Text (Audio) Entries (the first sub-menu item under Text or Audio), but only have access to basic metadata for all library entries. The second sub-item Search My Organization’s Text (Audio) Entries is meant for Registered Users associated with IPCs. It displays DBL entries of which they (co-)own the copyright, The LCH User will be particularly interested in the third menu sub-item: Search My Publisher’s Entries, which displays a list of entries for which the LCH has publishing rights.