This documentation is for USX version 2.5, the scripture text format present in the DBL text bundle version 1.4. Bundle version 1.4 was first distributed from DBL 4.0.


Documentation Syntax Notes

Information about individual elements and attributes for XML files within DBL bundles is provided with the following components. Not every component is needed or supplied for each element.

  • Element Description Table:

    • Required is indicated using a red asterisk (*). A plus (+) sign indicates that multiple elements are allowed.
    • Element attributes are indicated by an “at” symbol @
  • Diagram: A schema diagram is supplied wherever it will assist with clarity; not for every element.

  • Notes: Other relevant information not visible in the element description table.

  • Sample: An XML sample for the element.

  • Child Elements: A list of child elements.

Values for some USX elements are restricted by the USX schema to a pattern or a specific vocabulary. These named patterns (vocabularies) are listed.